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Solexx Greenhouse Review – An Amazing Asset For The Homestead

We are living in interesting times, and more than ever we need to make sure our family has food on the table. I hope this Solexx greenhouse review is helpful to you, as you decide which greenhouse is best for your family’s needs.

Solexx conservatory greenhosue

Solexx Greenhouse Review

SOLEXX greenhouses – why we Love ’em (you will too…)

Solexx™ is a unique double-walled plastic greenhouse covering manufactured by Adaptive Plastics, Inc. Not only does it provide optimum insulation, but its unique formulation and structure also take direct sunlight and diffuse it into a bright, soft, even glow inside the greenhouse.

This feature prevents shadows and hotspots and accelerates plant growth by up to 30%.

Solexx panelSolexx plastic panels qualities:

  • made in the USA
  • surprisingly strong and resistant to blows, hail, wind, and heavy snow
  • resistant to scratching, tearing, and breaking
  • UV treated for long life under the sun, without fading or yellowing
  • warranted for 10 years, but often last up to 20 years
  • lab test has proven superior insulation over double or triple-wall polycarbonate, double or single-pane glass, and poly film
  • low maintenance-easy to keep clean
  • replacement paneling is inexpensive, readily available, and easy to install

Since Solexx panels provide superior insulation, they hold in heat better and minimize supplemental heating costs. You need to take this into account when evaluating the pros and cons of different greenhouse coverings.

All of these reasons are why we believe Solexx panels are the best greenhouse covering buy for your buck

But what about the structure… the framework?

Solexx greenhouse framework

Solexx greenhouse kits utilize special tubing to support framing members. They are made from a super strong composite material reinforced with fiberglass. This makes them strong as steel yet flexible and rustproof.

Wood or metal frames cast shadows into the greenhouse; Solexx frames are white and reflect light just as the glazing panels do. They will never rust like metal frames; rot or absorb water or bacteria like wood frames.

The kits also come with built-in bench frames, which further reinforce the entire structure:

Built-in bench frames in the Solexx greenhouse

Solexx offers wire bench shelves in their Deluxe Kits which custom-fit on these frames perfect for your model, or you can build your own plant shelves to sit on the frames. 

Wire greenhouse shelving

Cast metal connectors hold everything together and are easy to secure in place. 

Solexx corner piece

Just watch this video to see how simple it is to put one of these babies together.

Solexx Greenhouses For Sale

Solexx greenhouse kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs. From starter greenhouses to large conservatory greenhouses for the serious gardener or commercial farmer.

Gardeners Oasis & Master Gardener greenhouses also come in 16′ & 24′ lengths.

Going pro? Then you might want to consider a Commercial Greenhouse.

Early bloomer greenhouse

Solexx Early Bloomer 8ft x 8ft x 6ft 3in

The Early Bloomer is a great starter greenhouse. Although a compact 8’x8′, it has an open floor plan which is perfect for over-wintering large and tall potted plants.

This compact but prolific greenhouse is perfect if you want to try out the greenhouse experience without spending a bundle. It does not come with built-in shelving racks and is not very tall.

But it does have lots of room for plants. Good for a seedling nursery, overwintering houseplants, and other temporary chores.

I would not recommend this kit for a permanent hydroponic or survival greenhouse. For that, I would prefer any one of the other Solexx greenhouse models.

The Early Bloomer Greenhouse

8′ L x 8′ W x 6’3″ H

Kit includes: easy assemble fittings, Solexx panels, large 19″ x 30″ vent assembly, and 2 steel-reinforced hanging rods.

Recommended essentials

  • Tiedown kit – #HN-10 (set of 4)
  • Base Vents – (set of 4) – #HV-20


Recommended, but optional accessories for the Early Bloomer

  • Solar Vent opener – #HV-10
  • Shade Cloth – 8′ x 10′ #HV-91
  • Flooring – 10′ x 10′ #HN-29

Gardeners oasis greenhouse

Solexx Gardeners Oasis Greenhouse 3.5MM Deluxe 8'x16'x8'
This is the best-selling model we recommend. Available in 8’x8′ or 8’x12′ models, the roof is 8 feet high, making for lots of shelving space and plenty of room for lots of plants. Probably your best bet.

There’s room for lots of plants!

Solexx Gardeners Oasis Greenhouse 3.5MM Deluxe 8'x16'x8'

This is one of the most popular greenhouse kits. Lots of room and built-in shelf supports. The Oasis is a great all-around greenhouse.

Although the 8×8′ model is “doable” for hydroponics, I highly recommend the 8×12′ model. The number one complaint of most greenhouse owners is they didn’t get one big enough.

Kit includes:

  • easy assemble fittings
  • Solexx panels
  • Double-tier, full-length bench frames, ready for shelving
  • 2 steel-reinforced hanging rods


  • Tiedown kit –  8-foot model – #HN-10 (set of 4)
  • Tiedowns for 12 foot model – #HN-10 & #HN-11 (total of 6 tie-downs)
  • Base Vents – (Order 4 for 8-foot model; order 6 for 12-foot model) – #HV-20

Recommended Accessories for Gardener’s Oasis

*Shade Cloth
8′ x 12′: HV-92
12′ x 12′: HV-94

*Greenhouse Flooring
10′ x 10′: HN-29
10′ x 12′: HN-31

Garden master greenhouse

Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse 8' X 24' X 8'9" - 5mm

This model is shaped a little differently… The European A-frame style allows ample headroom (8’9″ at the peak) for tall plants or trellising cucumbers and tomatoes. This also comes in 2 sizes:  8’x8′ or 8’x12′. Four large bench frames provide an amazing amount of growing space.

The Garden Master Kit also provides plenty of room and built-in shelf supports. It’s a great all-around greenhouse with added headroom, perfect for hanging plants or vining vegetable crops.

Although the 8×8′ model is “doable” for hydroponics, I highly recommend the 8×12′ model. The number 1 complaint of most greenhouse owners is they didn’t get one big enough.

Garden Master Greenhouse –  8′ Long 

Garden Master Greenhouse – 12′ Long

Both greenhouses 8’W x 8’H

Kit includes:

  • easy assemble fittings
  • Solexx panels
  • Double-tier
  • full-length bench frames
  • ready for shelving
  • 2 steel-reinforced hanging rods

Recommended greenhouse essentials

  • Tiedown kit– 8-foot model – #HN-10 (set of 4)
  • Tiedowns for 12 foot model – #HN-10 & #HN-11 (total of 6 tiedowns)
  • Base Vents – (Order 4 for 8 foot model; order 6 for 12 foot model) – #HV-20

Recommended Accessories for Garden Master

10′ x 10′ for 8′ kit- #HN-29
10′ x 12′ for 12′ kit- #HN-31

*Shade Cloth
8′ x 12′ for 8 foot kit #HV-92
12′ x 12′ for 12 foot kit- #HV-94

Conservatory greenhouses

Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse 16' X 20' X 9'6" - 5mm

Now we are getting into serious, substantial greenhouses. These models are 16′ wide and as long as 20′.

If you are a serious gardener or small commercial grower, desiring a permanent house for all your needs, including hydroponics or a survival greenhouse, then the Conservatory is for you.

These spacious Solexx greenhouses are the tallest (9’6″) and widest models. These greenhouses are perfect for schools, serious gardeners, and small commercial growers.

All kits are 16′ wide: you can order them 8′, 16′ or 20′ long, and they come with either 2 or 4 doors. This would make a fantastic greenhouse if you need space and can afford it.

Conservatory Greenhouse – 8′ Long #G-308 

Conservatory Greenhouse – 16′ Long #G-316 

Conservatory Greenhouse – 20′ Long #G-320

All 3 greenhouses 16’W x 9’6″H.

Kit includes:

  • easy assemble fittings
  • Solexx panels
  • Double-tier, full-length bench frames, ready for shelving
  • 2 steel-reinforced hanging rods

Recommended greenhouse essentials

  • Tiedown kit – 8-foot model- #HN-12 (set of 4)
  • Tiedowns for 16 foot model – #HN-12 & #HN-13 (total of 6 tie-downs)
  • Tiedowns for 20-foot model – 2 #HN-12 (total of 8 tie-downs)
  • *Base Vents -(order 4 for 8-foot model; order 6 for 16-foot model, order 8 for 20-foot model) – #HV-20

Recommended Accessories for Conservatory

Shade Cloth
-14′ x 8′ for 8 foot kit #HV-99-8
-14′ x 16′ for 16 foot kit- #HV-99-16
-14′ x 20′ for 20 foot kit- #HV-99-20

-10′ x 16′ for 8 foot kit- #HN-32
– 16′ x 16′ for 16 foot kit- #HN-34
-16′ x 20′ for 20 foot kit- #HN-35

WWSD (What Would Simon Do?)

If you are planning a hydroponics setup or any substantial garden inside the greenhouse, 8′ x 8′ just won’t get it. I would suggest 8’x12′ minimum.

A really nice greenhouse package would include:

* 8’x12′ Gardeners Oasis greenhouse 
* 6 tiedown anchors (essential)
* 6 base vents (essential)
* Solar louver vent opener (highly desirable)
* 4 custom-fit wire side bench shelves + 2 back shelves

Update! Our long-promised and eagerly-awaited DIY Greenhouse e-book is ready!

Simon’s Super Simple On-The-Grid, Off-The-Grid Hydroponic/Aquaponic Survival Greenhouse Made with Solexx Panels!

Plants growing inside a Solexx greenhouse

Check it out here.

Simply awesome!

Solexx Greenhouse Accessories

Tie-down kit – essential

Solexx tie-down kit

Keep your greenhouse safe in a strong wind with this easy-to-install kit. Bury the 14 1/2″ tie-down anchors next to your greenhouse and attach them to the greenhouse frame. Turnbuckles connect the frame to the anchor.

Disconnects easily if you want to move your greenhouse.

#HN-10 (4-15″ anchors)

#HN-15 (6-15″ anchors)

Closable base vents – essential

Greenhouse vent

ABS polymer vents allow fresh air to continually flow through your greenhouse. Mount a vent near the base in each corner of the greenhouse for natural “ground-up” cross ventilation. Close during cold weather to save heat.

#HV-20-4 (set of 4)

#HV-20-6 (set of 6)

Black shade cloth – optional

Black shade cloth Shadecloth corner

Especially popular in the South, shade cloth keeps your greenhouse shaded and cooler in the hot summer months.

Made of polypropylene for long service life, it provides 55% shade.

#HV-91  8′ x 10′

#HV-92  8′ x 12′ (Fits 8′ x 8′ Oasis & Garden Master Greenhouses)

#HV-92  8′ x 16′

#HV-94 12′ x 12′ (Fits 8′ x 12′ Oasis & Garden Master Greenhouses)

Greenhouse flooring – optional

Greenhouse flooring

Durable black polypropylene flooring eliminates weeds from the floor of your greenhouse while allowing water to drain. Easy to install.

#HN-29 10′ x 10′  (Fits 8′ x 8′ Oasis & Garden Master Greenhouses)

#HN-31 10′ x 12′ (Fits 8′ x 12′ Oasis & Garden Master Greenhouses)

#HN-32 10′ x 16′  (Fits 16′ x 8′ Conservatory Greenhouse)

#HN-33 10′ x 24′

#HN-34 16′ x 16′ (Fits 16′ x 16′ Conservatory Greenhouse)

#HN-35 16′ x 20′ (Fits 16′ x 20′ Conservatory Greenhouse)

Exhaust fan with thermostat – highly desirable upgrade

Greenhouse exhaust fan

Promotes healthy, vigorous plant growth by venting stagnant air and drawing fresh air into your greenhouse.

Automatic thermostat control keeps air flowing throughout the seasons. Wiring and thermostat included. Requires 110v outlet.

12″ Exhaust Fan- 760 CFM w/Thermostat – #HV-50

16″ Exhaust Fan- 760 CFM w/Thermostat – #HV-51

20″ Exhaust Fan- 760 CFM w/Thermostat – #HV-52

Maybe you are determined to design and build your own greenhouse! Even so, we still recommend you design your house around Solexx greenhouse panels… Great stuff!

Order panels and rolls of the twin-wall insulating Solexx panels on this page: Solexx Greenhouse Covering.

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