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How To Organize A Storage Shed – Quick And Easy

Are you tired of having to sift through stuff in your storage shed and never find what you need? I know the feeling: my hubby collects lots of things he “might need some day”, and our shed needs organizing regularly. Let’s take a look at some tips that will teach you how to organize a storage shed in no time.

Wooden rack with garden tools and equipment for an organized shed

How To Organize A Storage Shed

What You'll Be Needing:

Storage Shed
Use this to organize your tools and equipment
DEWALT (DWST17806) Tstak Tool Box
Use this to store and organize small tools, nails and screws
Stanley 20-556 6-Inch FatMax Jab Saw
Induction-hardened teeth stay sharp, should be stored on the floor
Husqvarna ST224P
A Snowblower with Power Steering and Electric Start
VonHaus 4 Tier Garage Shelving Unit
Use this to organize paint cans, chemicals or other small items
Toomax Utility Tools Tub Storage Unit
This is a perfect storage for hand tools
Anybest Utility Mop Broom Holders
Using this will keep your brooms, mops and rakes in a good condition

Remove the contents first

If your shed is new, you are already one step ahead because you don’t have to remove anything from it. If, however, you are looking to reclaim an old shed, your first step is to take everything out of your shed so that you can start the organization process from scratch.

Sort through your stuff and throw away unnecessary items

Once you have everything removed from your storage shed, sort through everything and try to throw out anything you don’t need.

For many of us, storage sheds become garbage cans, storing things that we collect over the years but will never use. If possible, avoid this.

Organize on paper by making a list

Once you sorted through the contents of your shed, take inventory of what you have and decide where it should go. The easiest way to do this is to make a list:

  • decide which items you’ll want to hang
  • which items will go on shelves
  • and which items will sit on the floor

Try to balance where items are kept as much as possible. The more items you have on the floor, the more cluttered your shed will look, so try to make use of hangers and shelves as much as possible.

Here’s how I like to organize my storage shed

After I make my list, it’s easy to go through my pile one by one, and set them in their right places. It is generally best that smaller items go on shelves and larger ones should stay on the ground.

  • paint cans, chemicals, and other small items fit perfectly onto shelves
  • small tools, nails, and screws should be organized and stored in a tool box
  • garden tools, such as shovels, are easily hung up
  • and all other objects, such as hand saws and snow blowers, can be stored on the floor.

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Organize your storage shed by categories

When organizing your storage shed, it would also be beneficial for you to sort and store objects in relevant categories. Keep all of your tools in one area, all of your gardening supplies in another, and all of your chemicals in yet another area. This will make things much simpler for you when you need to find something.

Not everyone has great organizational skills. Keeping our storage buildings organized, however, can keep things looking neat and make it easier for us to find things when we need them.

Fortunately, organizing your shed does not have to be as difficult as it may seem. If you follow the few simple steps in this report, your storage shed will look great!

How to organize a storage shed

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