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Savory Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

I recently went to pick some apples from a local farm, and they displayed a beautiful butternut squash harvest. I couldn’t resist: I just had to have a couple to make a savory roasted butternut squash soup. YUM!

A bowl of roasted butternut squash soup roasted butternut seeds.

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover


The weather has chilled and what could be better than a smooth, creamy soup at the end of the day?

It takes about an hour to make this soup, but it tastes just as good (if not better) the next day, so it’s easy to make a double portion and enjoy it for two days.

This recipe also goes well with your Thanksgiving meal. And with it coming up pretty soon, making this roasted butternut squash soup a day before Thanksgiving day could save you some stress 😉

I like to add some roasted pumpkin seeds to this soup for a bit of crunch. Of course, the taste blends well with the soup, too. Sooo good!!!

Check out these side dishes that are great for butternut squash soup.

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Savory Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

2 medium butternut squash ready for soup

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Once you buy the butternut squash for this recipe, you probably have all the ingredients in your fridge or pantry.

To make this delicious soup, you’ll need a few simple ingredients: onions, garlic, celery, carrots, potatoes, salt, and pepper.

And if you happen not to have one of the ingredients, just skip it (as long as it’s not the onion or garlic).

The roasted butternut squash takes center stage in this recipe; the others just add to the flavor.

You can also use butternut squash cubes if you’d rather not deal with peeling them. You’ll need to adjust the baking time to 10 to 15 minutes less, as the smaller pieces will cook faster.

Tips for roasting butternut squash

Butternut squash is a tough vegetable to cut and peel. Be careful while handling these little buggers.

Start by slicing the ends, then position the squash on one of the flat surfaces you created by cutting off the end. Use a sharp knife, and keep your fingers out of the way.

Take the seeds out (you can roast these later if you wish: wash them, sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper, add a splash of oil, and roast them for 20 to 25 minutes, stirring them halfway through).

Butternut squash with ends cut off

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

And if your butternut squash doesn’t cut to perfection, don’t fret. Here’s how mine came out 😛

It still roasted to perfection.

And it still made delicious soup 😉

Cut butternut squash

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Once you cut your butternut, place it on a rimmed baking sheet, brush some oil on it, sprinkle a pinch of salt, and lay it on the cut side for roasting.

Brushing oil on squash before putting it in the oven

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Roast at 425F for 35 to 45 minutes and let it cool for a few minutes before scoping it out.

TIP: If you hate”squash hands” as much as I do, you might want to wear food-safe plastic gloves.

 Love roasted veggies? Try these oven-roasted red peppers. They are delicious!

creamy butternut squash soup.
Yield: 4

How To Make Delicious Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour

This roasted butternut squash soup is one of the best I’ve ever tasted! Super creamy (without dairy), simple, and delicious, this is the perfect comfort food. Plan for some leftovers: this soup tastes just as good (if not better) the next day 😉


  • 2 medium butternut squash halved and seeded
  • 1 large chopped onion
  • 3 cloves crushed garlic
  • 1 medium carrot
  • 1 stalk celery
  • 1 medium potato (optional for a creamier soup)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds for some crunch and decoration


  1. Preheat oven to 425F
  2. Prepare the butternut squash: wash it, slice it in half, take the seeds out, brush with some olive oil and place face down on a baking tray. Place it in the oven for about 45 minutes until soft.
  3. In the meantime clean the rest of your vegetables and prepare them.
  4. Chop the onion, add the salt and olive oil and sauté mixing often, until translucent (about 5 to 7 minutes).
  5. Add crushed garlic and cook for another minute or two
  6. Continue by adding the vegetables (potato, celery and carrots) to the pot.
  7. Add 5 cups of water, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium and let it simmer for about 15 minutes, partially covered.
  8. By this time, the squash should be roasted. Take it out of the oven, let it cool off for about 10 minutes, then scoop it out.
  9. While waiting for the squash to chill, roast half a cup of pumpkin seeds. There's no need for oil: just use a non-stick pan and mix often until golden brown (3 minutes or so)
  10. Scoop up the roasted squash and add it to your pot of cooked vegetables.
  11. Blend in small batches for the perfect creaminess.
  12. Serve in bowls garnished with roasted pumpkin seeds. DELICIOUS!

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 242Total Fat: 9gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 7gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 616mgCarbohydrates: 39gFiber: 8gSugar: 5gProtein: 5g

Nutrition information isn’t always accurate.

Creamy Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Variation

The recipe above is vegan, and it’s creamy without the cream. But if you’re looking for a soup with some “vegan cream”, I have a solution.

Blend 1/2 cup of raw cashews with a cup of water and add to your soup. It will lighten it up a bit and give it that cream-smoothed look, all from a healthy vegan fat. You’ll need a high-powered blender and about a minute of blending to get the creamiest consistency.

Here’s my version of it!

Creamy vegan roasted butternut squash soup

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

FAQs about butternut squash soup

How long will this soup keep?

It will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days, but it’s best if you use it up in the first 3 days. I doubt you’ll have a problem finishing it: in our house, it’s gone the second day since my husband loves double portions every time I make it.

Can I freeze butternut squash soup?

Yes, this soup freezes well and will keep in the freezer for up to 3 months. The cheapest way to freeze it is in freezer bags. I use one of those baggie racks to free my hands and pour the soup easier.

When you’re ready to eat the soup from your freezer, take it out the night before and let it thaw in the fridge. Then, bring it to a boil to refresh the smoothness, and you’re ready to enjoy it.

Can I make butternut soup ahead of time?

Absolutely! As I mentioned at the top of the page, this soup is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, and you should make it ahead of time to save your sanity 😉

What can I serve it with?

Some of my favorite additions to this roasted butternut squash soup are:

  • roasted pumpkin seeds
  • homemade crusty bread
  • roasted vegetables
  • grilled cheese sandwich
  • fresh herbs: a touch of cilantro, fresh thyme, or a bit of sage
  • lime or lemon juice

I don’t have butternut squash. Can I make it with a different squash?

Yes, feel free to experiment with whatever you have. You can use pumpkin, hubbard squash, acorn squash, or any other winter squash.

Have fun making this delicious soup!

This healthy roasted butternut squash soup is easy to make and DELICIOUS!

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Monday 18th of February 2019

Can you substitute other kinds of squash?


Monday 18th of February 2019

Hi Linda, absolutely! you can use any winter squash as a replacement for this soup. Have fun experimenting!

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