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12 Best Garden Arbors & Arches for Any Outdoor Space

The best garden arbors can transform your garden space by adding shade, a focal point, and a support structure for climbing plants. They’re perfect for those of us who want to turn out yard into a backyard oasis, and there are options to suit any style and budget!

Red roses climb up on a garden arbor, creating a gorgeous entryway.

A beautiful garden arbor or trellis is an easy way to enhance the design of your garden or outdoor space. They are functional, too. Use them to support climbing plants and add visual interest to any landscape.

Before you invest, here’s how to find the right arbor for your yard.​

  • Choose the right material: Arbors and trellises can be made from various materials: there are vinyl arbors, metal arbors, traditional options, and even more styles available. Each material has pros and cons, so select one that suits your needs and budget.
  • Select the right style for your property: Depending on your taste and the overall look of your space, you may prefer a certain arbor style. For example, a rustic wooden arbor may complement a cottage-style garden, while a sleek metal trellis may work well in a modern landscape. Which style do you want to add to your garden?
  • Take measurements: Before purchasing an arbor or trellis, measure the garden area where you plan to install it.
  • Choose extra features: What is the purpose of your arbor? Do you want to create an arch as an entrance to your yard, or do you want to offer shade or seating? Some have flower boxes or lattices for training vining plants.
  • Will your arbor last? There’s a wide range of prices and quality. Double-check that the materials are made to last. Look for durable, weather-resistant woods like cedar, or look for companies that offer a warranty to protect your investment.

12 Best Garden Arbors & Outdoor Structures

There are so many different arbors & garden arches to enhance any home garden! Since there are so many different materials and styles to consider, it can be overwhelming to find the right one! The following options are made with high-quality materials and offer authentic architectural detail to elevate your space.

New England Arbors Charcoal Wildwood Arbor

Vita Charcoal Grey Wildwood Cedar Two Post Arbor, 72 inch W x 90 inch H, FSC, Gray, VA68896

This simple arbor with clean lines offers a more subdued, rustic look. The muted gray, solid wood arbor adds architectural detail without distracting from your beautiful plants. Its simple two-post design is perfect as an entryway for your garden path or to create a separate garden area to relax or take in a view.

New England Arbors Nantucket Style

New England Arbors VA84250 Nantucket Legacy Arbor, White (102.25 x 60 x 28 inches)

The Nantucket-style arbor above, made by New England Arbors, has a simple arched design with a stately keystone at the top. It will completely transform any space, making you feel like you’re at a resort or botanical garden. Plus, they’re made to last a long time with a 20-year warranty against defects.

Vinyl Garden Arbor with Pergola

vita Fairfield Grande 111 inchW x 86 inchH Vinyl Arbor

This is a stylish and durable outdoor structure made of premium weather-resistant vinyl with a beautiful swoop arch design. Its classic design and easy assembly make it perfect for beginners who want to add an elegant focal point to their backyard without breaking the bank.

Antiqued Scrollwork Garden Arbor

Deco 79 Metal Bird Indoor Outdoor Scrollwork Arched Garden Arbor with Sculpted Branches, 54" x 10" x 93", Green

This intricate scrollwork on this arbor is reminiscent of a traditional English garden arbor, adding antique style to any space. It would look spectacular outside a cottage or heritage home and is perfect for displaying at the entrance of a secret garden.

Dura-Trel Wellington Traditional Arbor

Dura-Trel, Inc. 11179 Wellington Arbor, White

This white vinyl garden arbor stands 85 inches tall and is designed to provide a beautiful entrance to your yard. It has elegant side panels with a lattice design and a flat top with finials. The bright white color is the perfect complement to dark green foliage and brightly colored flowers, so it’d look lovely in your flower garden.

Cedar Garden Arbor with Bench

All Things Cedar GA87-B Garden Arbor with Bench

Crafted from weather-resistant Western Red Cedar, this durable wooden arbor is made to last. This option features a comfortable bench and a beautifully designed arbor that provides a stylish, functional focal point. It’d be perfect for tucking into a restful area to take in the view of a water feature or to find some shade.

Safavieh Eloise Metal Arbor

Safavieh Outdoor Collection Eloise Rustic Brown Arbor

This gorgeous arbor is made of metal and comes in two shades of blue or brown. Planting climbing plants on either side of the elegant side panels would hide much of the metal frame, leaving behind a cozy shaded nook perfect for sipping lemonade and reading a good book.

VidaXL Flower Planter Arch

vidaXL Solid Firwood Garden Pergola with Planter Home Lawn Backyard Outdoor Patio Terrace Wooden Entryway Flower Planter Arbor Arch

This affordable wooden arbor has a curved pergola, lattice sides, and two built-in planter boxes. Priced at around $100 and with two different colors, this incredibly affordable arch would make a beautiful entrance to your garden. The planter boxes would look beautiful with bright red geraniums or pink petunias spilling over.

Vita Rosewood Cedar Arch

Rosewood 47"W x 89"H Cedar Arbor

This cedar arch is a classic, timeless design. Made with FSC-certified cedar, this arch is made with sustainably-sourced wood and has a one-year warranty. Place it between raised beds or position it at the entryway to your garden for vertical height.

Plow & Hearth Montebello Garden Trellis

Plow & Hearth Arch Metal Outdoor Garden Arbor with Double Gate | Montebello | 84-in (H) x 53-in (W) x 23-in (D) | Black | Iron Trellis Lattice for Climbing Plants | Wedding | Outdoor Patio Décor

This option is more than just an arbor or a trellis. It has a metal arch, beautifully detailed side panels, and two swinging arbor gates. It’ makes a beautiful, whimsical entrance to any garden space. Plus, it’s made from steel finished with a weather-resistant powder coating so that it will last for years.

Go Steel Garden Arch

1. GO Steel Garden Arch, 7'8" High x 4'5" Wide, Garden Arbor for Various Climbing Plant, Outdoor Garden Lawn Backyard

Although this arch is very simple, it’s the perfect place to grow climbing flowers like roses. As the flowers take over, the arch disappears. It would be stunning as a backdrop for a wedding, but it is simple enough to trellis your vining squash plants or cucumbers.

Gothic Garden Screen with Lattice

Panacea 89660 B00A2YHR8M, Black

Unlike other options, this is a trellis, not an arbor. With three folding metal panels with a gothic arch detail, this beautiful trellis can be used as a backdrop for vining plants or to separate two different spaces. The lattice detail is quite beautiful, and this piece adds a touch of elegance to any garden or patio.

Pictures Of Garden Arbors And Trellises

Metal arbor covered in gorgeous wisteria flowers.

What a gorgeous entryway! Covered in gorgeous wisteria flowers, this metal arbor makes a stunning path to the front door.

white gate arbor with roses trailing up on the sides.

A beautiful white gate arbor, with roses climbing up the sides: a nice way to add some privacy to your front gate.

greenery-covered arching arbor with some cone flowers by its side.

I love this green arch entrance, surrounded by colorful cone flowers. Feels like entering into a special treasure.

white arbor in a cottage garden.

What a beautiful scene! Colorful flowers surround a white arbor with a beautifully curved top.

If you’ve been on the fence about adding an arbor to your yard, try narrowing it down to 1-2 options. There are great arbors available for any budget and style. And while it may feel difficult to choose the right one, you’ll be amazed by how it completely changes the space, and you’ll wish you ordered one earlier!

12 Best garden arbors.
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