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Garden Tower Project – Compost and Garden In One

The Garden Tower Project was created with socially-responsible practices in mind, such as sustainable food sources. Industrial farming has reached a point of stripping its produce of most of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. The Garden Tower Project wanted to give people the opportunity to grow their own food easily so they knew it was natural and chemical-free.

Garden tower 2

Below we’ll be reviewing the Garden Tower 2, a product designed to house up to 50 plants at one time. We’ll be looking at the advantages and disadvantages, as well as how it actually works. If you’re wondering if this vertical garden planter is for you, just keep reading!

Introduction to Garden Tower 2

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Garden Tower 2 is a tall structure with 50 pockets surrounding it that you can plant fruits, vegetables, and herbs. There is a central column that holds the compost so that all the plants can reach the nutrients. Around that, 5.5 cubic feet of potting soil can be held to encapsulate the roots and keep them healthy.

There is a GT2 vermicomposting tube that ensures air circulates around each plant, giving them as much oxygen as they need. The model itself is very strong and sturdy, as well as being made from food-grade plastic.

As you water from the top of the vertical garden tower, nutrients from the soil are pushed down through the different root zones. This enables your plants to grow faster and fuller, giving you a more plentiful harvest.

When using other planting options such as raised beds, watering them from above can push the nutrients to the bottom of the bed, where the roots can’t reach them. Garden Tower 2 gets rid of this problem.

The structure spins around at each level so you can easily reach all your plants. Moreover, the bottom houses a release gate that catches the used compost. This means you can easily switch it out for fresh compost.

What’s more, is that there is also a drawer that collects the water once it’s passed through all the root zones. This water is full of nutrients and can be reused to water the towering garden growing system time and time again.

Benefits of the Garden Tower 2

Perhaps the most important and obvious benefit of the garden tower 2 is that you can plant up to 50 fruits, vegetables, and herbs at one time. These will all be organic and you’ll know for sure that no chemicals were used on them. Also, no nutrients have been stripped away from your produce.

You can reuse the vertical garden planter time and time again, making it excellent value for money. A one-off purchase gives you a very handy piece of equipment that you can use to save money in the long run. Food prices are always increasing, so how much money you’ll be saving over a prolonged period of time is potentially unlimited.

Garden Tower 2 is an excellent way of dipping your toes in the water of sustainable living. Not only will you have a seemingly endless supply of your favorite healthy foods, but you can also reuse the water. What’s more, is that you can use your food waste as compost to feed your plants more nutrients. You will be reusing water and food waste, which are two great ways of reducing your carbon footprint.

By reusing the water your vertical garden tower collects, you will be feeding your plants more nutrients than any industrial farmers would be able to do. Gone are the days of having to weed your garden – your plants will be free of pests and unwanted weeds.

Drawbacks of the Garden Tower 2 

The main and only real drawback of the Garden Tower 2 is that it comes with lots of little pieces that you have to fit together yourself. This can be fairly time consuming and off-putting if you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting your vertical garden tower up.

Another potential drawback is the price. The price is rather expensive and may put people off initially. Having said that, this tower is an investment and provided you get a lot of use out of it, you’ll actually be saving money in the long run.

Garden Tower 2 vs. Garden Tower 1.1

The Garden Tower 2 is the newest addition to the Garden Tower Project, with the 1.1 being the older version. The newest alternative has had a revamp, and there are a few improvements that have been made to the system.

Firstly, the vermicomposting tube has been given 265% more holes in it to improve the oxygen flow to the roots. When soil becomes too compact thanks to top watering it could harm the roots. This is why the increase in perforations is very beneficial.

The structure now rotates all the way around, allowing you to position your plants in different amounts of sunlight. You can also store this in a tight corner. Simply turn it around every time you need to get to the backside plants.

You can now anchor the feet to steady surfaces thanks to the holes in the strong feet. You can even place it on your roof if you felt like it! The levels are also now able to be stacked, giving you the opportunity to customize the height of your vertical garden planter.

Finally, the plastic is eight pounds heavier and is expected to last 7 to 12 years, even in the harshest of conditions. The plastic is UV resistant and can withstand any temperature, no matter the season.

In conclusion, is the garden tower project for you?

Overall, the Garden Tower 2 has a lot of benefits for you, the environment, and your family’s health. There are few drawbacks, but the few that may put people off can be overpowered by the advantages.

If you’re looking for a sustainable method of growing your own crops that are full of nutrients, the Garden Tower 2 is an excellent option. There have been beneficial changes made to the previous model, making this new tower garden growing system better than ever before.

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