7 Ways to Prevent Backyard Trampoline Accidents

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young boy jumping on the trampoline

Trampolines are fun! Trampoline accidents are not! Learn how to have fun and be safe at the same time! While a backyard trampoline is considered one of the most entertaining playthings, it’s also very dangerous, especially for young inexperienced people. Teens commonly enjoy this type of game since it will send you flying for a couple of seconds. What they do not know is that there are certain risks in jumping on a trampoline. Aside from the enjoyment it provides, harm is also waiting on the sides especially for those who do not take some safety measures.

Incorrect landing is the most common cause of injuries in trampoline jumping.  High jumps or collisions of several jumpers, somersaults and back flips are also causes of improper landing that may result to injuries leading to paralysis and death. However, a proper precautionary measure is all it takes in order to prevent such harmful occurrences.

In order to prevent accidents, there are precautionary measures that should be strictly followed. Here are seven ways that household members can use to prevent accident associated with backyard trampolines.

How to Prevent Trampoline Accidents

1. The most common cause of accidents in trampolines is multiple jumpers. They usually bump into each other or even accidentally push another person out of the trampoline. This results to accidental falls which may injure the other person in the head or other parts of the body. Thus, it is important to make sure that only one person will jump on the trampoline at a time.

2. Employ the use of a net This will prevent falls that may result to worse injuries of the head. Since one kid can jump for as high as 10 feet, a soft surface must also be placed around the trampoline to prevent further damage in case they land in the wrong place.

3. Check for the condition of the trampoline regularly. Make certain that it is in excellent condition in order to prevent accidents.

4. Proper instructions should be given before you let your children jump onto the trampoline. Watch young kids carefully and place the backyard trampoline in a place close to your house where you can see the whole scenario.

5. Do not tolerate complex maneuvers such as somersaults and very high jumps. Improper performance of somersaults can result to worse condition such as paralysis or worse death. save those for when your kids are with a professional who can give them proper advise.

6. Newly made trampolines do not include a ladder anymore. If you have one in your old trampoline, take it away. This is to prevent very young children with ages below 6 years old from climbing over the trampoline and play without supervision.

7. Make sure that your trampoline is fastened well to the ground. Heavy winds may blow away your trampoline and break it as well as other properties.

It is important to adhere to these simple instructions in order to avoid damage to the property and prevent accidents that may be detrimental to household members. Although trampolines provide users with immeasurable joy, they should still take good care of themselves when jumping beyond their control.

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