Gardening Writing Contest

Gardening Writing Contest Is Open!

Gardening Writing Contest

Have you ever wanted to write about your gardening adventures and share it with people around the world? If so, we’d like to invite you to submit your gardening story to [email protected] for possible inclusion on our site.

We are hosting a writing contest where you can submit your own original articles for a chance to win one of 3 prizes. All articles we publish will receive $10 on top of being entered into the contest.

Submit your articles between 1/01/2018 – 1/30/18: winner will be chosen on December 15th,  2018.

The Prizes

We’ll make it simple: rather than come up with a bunch of prizes you may or may not use,  we’ll give out gift cards from Amazon. There’s something for everyone there.

  • First Prize – $200 Amazon gift card
  • Second Prize – $100 Amazon gift card
  • Third Prize – $50 Amazon gift card


In order to make the process simpler, here are the rules to have your story featured on our site:

  • must be original (your own), never published anywhere else prior to sharing it here (we will check before publishing).
  • it must include original images (at least 2, and up to 10)
  • must be 1000 words or longer
  • has to be about gardening: vegetables, flowers, containers, herbs, fruits, rock, water, harvesting, canning, etc. If in doubt, just email me
  • submitting an article does not guarantee it will posted on the site: I reserve the right decide if submissions are a good fit for my site
  • I reserve the right to edit any submission to fit the site’s general style
  • all submissions become the property of the Backyard Garden Lovers
  • at the end of the contest, winners will be notified via email and posted on this page down below with a link to their article
  • last, but not least, you’ll need to share your finished article with family and friends. And why wouldn’t you want to show off 😉 ?

How to Enter the Gardening Writing Contest

Email the following to  [email protected]: everything below is required in order to be entered into the content. Please remember to only submit your own, original content

  • your gardening story/experience
  • 2-10 pictures
  • your PayPal address so we can send you $10 if we publish your article
  • your name (or alias if you’d like, to remain anonymous)

Show off your garden writing contest. If you ever wanted to share your garden fun, now's your chance! #contest #writing #gardening